Microk8s bash completion

Dan Willoughby・ Jan 6, 20201 min read

Having bash completion for kubectl has been the best. I find it most useful when I need to get the full name of a pod. I type the first few letters of the name of the pod and then hit tab and it'll populate the rest for me.

I followed the instructions on microk8s getting started. After it was installed I setup an alias

sudo snap alias microk8s.kubectl mk

Once you have the alias set, you can run the command to generate the completion functions. The sed replaces all occurances of kubectl with mk. This allows completion to exist with your microk8s alis

source <(mk completion bash | sed "s/kubectl/mk/g")

If you're curious you can pipe the output of mk completion bash and grep for __kubectl to see a list of the functions you'll be renaming.

mk completion bash | grep __kubectl


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